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Bluminia: the Nymph of a Buttercup Meadow

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80x80 cm
(31.5' x 31.5')
Oil on Canvas

In the heart of a sun-drenched meadow, there once lived a nymph named Bluminia. Her home was surrounded by fields of the most beautiful buttercup flowers, whose golden petals shimmered in the light and attracted all manner of creatures to her doorstep.
Bluminia herself was a vision of beauty. Her hair was a rich shades of brown, and her eyes were as blue and clear as a tranquil lake. She spent her days tending to the flowers and playing with the  wild animals that came to visit her.
Legend had it that the nymph possessed special powers, and anyone who wandered into her meadow was immediately enchanted by her beauty and the tranquility of her surroundings. Some even claimed that she could heal the sick with her touch, and that her buttercup flowers had magical properties that could bring happiness and good fortune to those who picked them.
Despite her gifts, Bluminia was a solitary creature, preferring the company of nature and her loyal companion - hummingbird - to that of humans.
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