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cocktail bar where ART happens

Café de Flore, Els Quatre Gats, Café de la Rotonde...

Many artists throughout history had places where inspiration brewed, like some bar or cafe that sparked creativity.

Picasso and others avant-garde artists shared ideas at Le Bateau, Hemingway at Café de Flore and me at Spritz Stop

Over the past few months this cute bar became the hum of creativity, a powerful muse for me. This year I want to create a sanctuary that can act as catalysts for artistic exchange, where ideas flow freely, collaborations emerge, and friendships are formed.

Inspiring both for artists, art lovers and collectors.

This year Spritz Stop is home for "AMOR OR?" collection 

You can enjoy having a drink and socialising with friend in a creative atmosphere of a unique fusion or cocktail bar and art gallery.  You also can buy the piece you liked and we will deliver it to your home.


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"AMOR OR..?"


Lina Redford x BlondyBlack for Spritz Stop

"Creativity, cocktails and culture came together to Mallorca to create a wearable artwork with a juicy taste of art and inspiration."


Astrological Get Together "Paint your Zodiac"


Photo: @byadelephotography

Model: @alwaysbety

At Spritz Stop we aim to create and have fun...

Every month I will be organising something special at Spritz. LIVE painting, body painting, workshop or an Art Talk. Check upcoming event on Spritz Stop IG page or on Google Maps.

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Imagine create together with a professional artist and take home your very own artwork?

Let's do it here

 Sneak pic of our vibes