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Born in the Breeze

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Oil on canvas

Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Framing on request.

Most people will have heard of the Dryads: Tree Nymphs represented as female tree spirits who usually take the role of guardians of the forest, tied to the tree their spirit was born from and belong to the Earth zodiac circle.

Here Lina depicted a lesser known type of dryad who is unlike her sisters belongs to an Air zodiac circle.

She lives high up in the branches of her tree, and will only appear on a windy days to watch over the land when the  leaves rustle and the branches sway back and forth. Wind Dryads prefer to keep the company of forest sprites; tiny spirit creatures who take form of small birds and animals.

Sprites usually appear in a hummingbird form, because they represent the joy and happiness of the forest and on rare occasions will even guide a lucky traveler through the most beautiful paths of the forest and show them it’s secrets.

And this is Libra part of the Dryad - choosing who is worthy of a journey.
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