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Cultural Code

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89x116 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas (oil paint, gold and silver leaves, spray paint, acrylic, pastels)

I’m an immigrant artist, I moved away from my home countries when I just turned 18 and haven’t been back since. Being an immigrant is a very eye opening experience and sometimes it makes me to take a close look at my heritage. 
"Cultural Code," is a tale of vibrant complexity. A colorful  portrait, as a collective image, shaped with bold strokes and layered with oil, acrylic, spray paints, and textured paste, becomes a portal between tradition and innovation. It’s the first artwork that is done with complexity of materials.
Slavic runes whisper ancient wisdom and posing the enigmatic question, "Memory?" Fate, embodied in golden and silver leaves, threads through the canvas, capturing the  journey and destiny. Brodsky poem dances in the chaos, blending literature with expressive figurativism. This mixed-media work invites you to decode a cultural tapestry, a convergence of old and new, in a visual symphony of colours and symbols.
Artwork to be lost in and to find something new.
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