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Dawn Sisters: Legend of a Sun Bloom and Moon Flower

3 900 €
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120x80 cm
Oil, gold and silver on canvas

Watch a video to see textures and layers - play

Shipped outside of EU rolled in tube, on request - stretched.

In ancient Slavia, two celestial sisters, Zorya Morning and Zorya
Evening, known as the Dawn Sisters, governed the heavens and earth.
Zorya Morning, radiant as the morning sun, brought hope and renewal
with each dawn. Zorya Evening, cloaked in twilight hues, ushered in
night and dreams.

Their greatest legacy was the Moon Flower and Sun Bloom. The Moon
Flower, nurtured by Zorya Evening, glowed under moonlight,
illuminating the night. The Sun Bloom, cared for by Zorya Morning,
bloomed at dawn, radiating warmth and joy.

Legend held that when these flowers bloomed together, they created a
magical light, symbolizing the sisters' unity and the harmony of day
and night. This tale of balance, nature's beauty, and sisterhood
remained a cherished legend, inspiring generations with its message of
unity and coexistence.
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