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Firebird of Solstice

300 €
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21x21 cm
Oil on canvas paper

Framed Artwork. Made with 19k Eco gold leaves.
Part of Alternative Mythology collection.

Once upon a time, in the enchanting realm of Slavic lands, a magnificent Firebird soared through the skies. When the solstice arrived, she transformed into a breathtaking woman, adorned with wings of vibrant sun beams and a crescent moon nestled in her forehead. Her flight brought forth a magical transformation as flowers bloomed in her wake and icy landscapes thawed. The village rejoiced, their spirits lifted by the awe-inspiring spectacle. Before bidding farewell, the Firebird bestowed upon them a precious gift—the elusive Fern Flower. This rare blossom symbolized not only prosperity but also bestowed mystical blessings. The legend of the Firebird endured, reminding all to embrace the solstice's radiant light and eternal renewal and year after year, until our day, people looking for a magical Fern Flower, that blooms only once a year on a longest day, to make the myth of a Firebird live on. 
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