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Flower of Ch'aska Print

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High quality print on Giclee paper, velvet touch
• Limited Edition Print
• Supplied with a signed, stamped & numbered Certificate of Authenticity
• Guaranteed archival life of 100+ years
• 100% Fully carbon neutural sustainable production, packaging and shipping
• Printed by theprintspace in the UK or Germany
• Tracked & insured shipping

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Presented on acid-free, archival cotton Photo Rag Giclée paper with a silky smooth finish, from Hahnemühle the world’s oldest mill who have been producing fine art papers for more than 500 years

This print of an original oil painting made by Lina Redford x Lana Frey for their "Alternative Mythology" collection. 

Artwork story:
????The first cactus flower - myth of Ch'aska Aya Ayar????

These was a young girl Aya Ayar, who would sit high up in the mountains every evening and bathe in the pink and orange light of the sun as it set behind the hills. For that administration of the sky and the radiant warmth she would bring down with her when she’d return, townsfolk gave her a nickname - Ch’aska, like the goddess of dusk.

Soon goddess herself started to noticing Aya Ayar admiring her work every evening and this appreciation made goddess Ch'aska more appreciative of humans, especially of Aya.

But Aya wasn’t only admiring the sunset, she was hiding in the mountains to talk - romance even, with a man from their rival village. This man from one of the most hated families in their rival kingdom would travel every night over the mountains to talk to his beloved.

Unfortunately for the young hearts, it was spotted by a jealous townsfolk and they made sure news of this betrayal would very quickly reach the governing council of the village.

Governor couldn’t stand this shame, he ordered a secret hunt for Aya and her lover.

It happened very quickly one evening, just as the goddess Ch'aska began her divine work and the sky had started to take on a beautiful hue of green and purple.

The couple felt the ambush and ran away as quickly as they could, and were about to make it over a cliff to safety, but hunting party caught up with them and, let loose a hail of arrows at the couple.

The man from the rival village embraced his love and turned her just in time to catch the first evil arrows in his back.

Ch’aska was moved by this act of pure love so as soon as the first black arrow pierced the skin of the man, the whole sky turned purple and orange sun stood still in the sky as Ch'aska abandoned her duties to intervene.
The man became rooted in place, the arrows now jutting out of him became spikes as the dusk goddess turned the dying man into a cactus plant. In his dying embrace, Aya Ayar writhed and twisted, bright and beautiful colours sprouting from beneath her skin as she became the first cactus flower, an eternal reflection of that one incan girls' beautiful spirit.

Original artwork is sold. Only few print copies are available for sale.

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