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Legend of a Barruguet Ibicenco

700 €
Oil on Canvas
50x50 cm
Ready to hang

Long ago, on the mysterious land of Eivissa island, there lived a young girl who was known for her disobedient and mischievous behavior. She was a spoiled, naughty kid, bringing misfortunes to her people. Long story short, she managed to tease and anger the goddess of her land and as punishment, the goddess transformed her into a greenish, impish creature with long, thin fingers, banished to live in a Sabina tree, deep in the forests of the island. That will be the story of - Barruguet Ibicenco.

At first, the creature was angry and resentful about her punishment, coming back to her village to scare kids and steal small animals, but as time passed, she began to embrace her new form and discovered her magical abilities. She learned that she had the power to control the elements and the ability to communicate with animals and plants.

One day, she encountered a farmer who was struggling to grow crops because of a severe drought. She saw how people were desperate for help and used her magical powers to bring rain to the island. The crops flourished, and the farmer was able to harvest a bountiful crop. To show his gratitude women of the village made a beautiful Greixonera, a sweet pudding made of all the small pieces of bread people had saved in their houses, and  left it for the Barruguet. 

Little creature was touched with the warmth of hearts of these people and decided to become a protector of the village. She started to train and explore her magical abilities to help her people. She would play mischievous tricks on those who mistreated others or the natural world, but would also use her powers to heal and protect those who were kind and just.

Over time, the people of Ibiza began to revere the creature, seeing her as a protector and guardian of the island. They would leave offerings of food and flowers at the base of the Sabina tree, and would ask for her help in times of need.

Despite her new form, the Barruguet Ibicenco never forgot her human roots and would sometimes appear to travelers in the form of a young girl. She would offer them guidance and protection, and would remind them to be kind and respectful to the natural world.

To this day, the people of Ibiza still believe in the legend of the Barruguet Ibicenco, and many still call upon the creature for help during times of need. While the creature may be small and sometimes mischievous, it is also a powerful and benevolent force in the lives of the people of Ibiza.
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