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65x54 cm
Oil on canvas

While many have heard of the tale of Medusa, and even of her sisters the two other Gorgons, none have heard of the fourth Gorgon, a girl by the name of Serpemila.

This girl was the daughter of Dionysus and a priestess from the temple of Athena, who turned out to have the blood of an ancient Phoenician cast of snake priests running through her veins. 
When the mystical blood mixed with the divine life force, a strange yet beautiful serpentine girl  was born.

When he lay eyes on the girl, Dionysus instantly felt a keen warmth towards the child, and fearing the other gods would see his daughter as the other Gorgons due to her appearance, and harm her, chose to hide her away high up on the top of the cuprum mountain. 

This is where her story begins, and She would later go on to do marvellous deeds worthy of legend, but that however, is a story for another day...
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