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The Enchanted Hummingbirds of Citrus Oasis

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Oil on canvas

In a sun-kissed land, five hummingbirds painted the sky with colors of emerald, sapphire, ruby, and topaz. They danced around lemon groves and cactus flowers, their delicate beaks sipping nectar that held ancient powers. These vibrant spirits brought joy, and when a weary traveler appeared, they granted her wishes, turning the land into an oasis of blooms. Now this land is called Formentera, it’s a small island in Balearic Sea and the legend of 5  hummingbir lives on, a reminder of nature's magic and the uplifting spirits that watch over it.

Signature hummingbird represents the strong female character and the collective image of beauty around us, which it to small to see, but yet can significantly impact us.
Also, lemons are the sign of wealth and health and yellow colours represent happiness and joy!
Cactus is the symbol of inner strength and protection.
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