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A unique opportunity to embrace yourself and have the essence of your unique magic captured by French Photographer Adele Chretien while your body becomes a live canvas for Renowned Artist Lina Redford.

Step 1: Create your unique story

We start with a conversation around a glass of wine or cup of coffee to discover your story and unless the muse that Lina will transform into elements of your artwork. 

Step 2: Gilded Glory time 

Lina transforms your character into a unique artwork with bold layers of paint and palette knives strokes and adding 19k gold to highlight your essence.


Step 3: Unleash your inner goddess 

Now is time to unleash your inner goddess while being guided by professional portrait and boudoir photographer Adele who will capture the most gorgeous portraits of yourself. Later one of this portraits will be transform into an eternal artwork of yourself.

Step 4: Magic in Progress

Your artwork is being carefully printed on high quality paper in our local print shop. Following that, Lina will add some touch of paint and 19k eco gold leaf details to make it as unique as you are. 


Where the experience is located?
You will be turned into art on a sunny island of Mallorca
How long does it take?
The experience last about 2-3 hours

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